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Cindy Norton

Jeanie O’Connor

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Jeanne Budd

Amanda Dempsey
Matthew Dempsey
Jack Holston
Stacie LaCroix
​Megan Lucidi
​Erica Moon
Joe Rizzuto
Susan Novalsky
Heidi Louis
​Brian Gombert
Patti Zucca
Heidi Holston
Joann Davis
Jack Long
Rich Hock
Gerald O’Connor

Our Founder

“My reason for forming WORC was to do for Woodbury what the preservation group in Carlisle PA had done, which was to revitalize an historic town by the use of its history and architecture which had evolved over time.”

WORC History

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  • 1977

    John S. Holston Jr. officially establishes Woodbury Old City Restoration Committee.

  • 1995

    WORC applies for grant to restore train station and the initial project is completed three years later

  • 2009

    Governor Corzine holds news conference at the train station to announce the future rail line

  • 2011

    WORC helps save the Woodbury Sketch Club building after a bizarre earthquake. 

  • 2016

    Tiki Tiki Board Games/Island Officials who has been accepted as the pilot program for the Downtown WORCs project.