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In the upcoming months, we will be in desperate need of many volunteers for the the Downtown WORCs project.  We are looking for anyone and everyone who is willing to help.  No special skills are required but we would certainly like to know if you have any!  We are looking for all shapes and sizes to assist in various tasks such as painting, woodwork, tile work, gardening, electric, and lightning, to name a few.  Basically, if you have a pulse, we need you!  

The WORC strives to protect existing historical structures within the City of Woodbury by actively restoring endangered landmarks and structures. We inspire community pride in Woodbury by acknowledging homes and businesses that shows excellence in restoration and beautification. We support programs that address Woodbury’s challenges and eradicate problems that erode our quality of life. By doing so, WORC strives to keep Woodbury’s rich historical culture intact and allows the City of Woodbury to promote itself as an ideal location for families to settle and businesses to thrive.

WORC strives to keep Woodbury’s rich historical culture intact, creating an ideal setting for families and businesses to thrive. To that end, we protect historical structures and landmarks through preservation, restoration and renovation projects, inspire community pride by recognizing homes and businesses that demonstrate excellence in restoration and beautification, and support programs that address Woodbury's challenges and enhance the quality of life in our city.  

The Downtown WORCs Project aims to assist the City of Woodbury’s downtown revitalization efforts by improving the aesthetic appeal of existing structures, by restoring their history and character. WORC has designed this program to assist both, the exterior restoration of historic structures, and beautification of those buildings which complement our beloved district.

WORC would like to congratulate applicant Tiki Tiki Board Games/Island Officials who has been accepted as the pilot program for the Downtown WORCs project.  With your help, we will be rein visioning the history Polsky's building on the corner of Barber Avenue and Broad Street in 2016. Click here for more information on how to get involved! 

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