WORC has joined with St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society and the City of Woodbury to address troubled houses throughout the city. With the help of the City over 200 houses have been identified.  

S.J.C.S was founded in Camden in 1985 and has been promoting successful homeownership through homeowner education, housing development, and community organizing. Their knowledge and expertise are being generously shared with both WORC and the City to help address our housing issues. They have already assisted the city in adopting new ordinances to take advantage of “Spot Blight” powers to address vacant and abandoned properties. 

WORC board members and S.J.C.S. experts have toured prospective homes for rehabilitation. From these homes we are about to choose the first two to be addressed. These homes will be acquired, rehabilitated and resold to the public at market value. The monies will be contributed by WORC, S.J.C.S., and the City to acquire and rehabilitate these homes. Once sold, the proceeds will be reinvested into the next home. 

The homes are being chosen based on certain criteria.

  • The one troubled house on an otherwise attractive street. 
  • The house that has significant historic value or characteristics. 
  • The house that once improved may spur the neighboring houses to be rehabilitated. The house that has high visibility and gives a bad impression of the City. 

We will be fundraising specifically for this program and are counting on your support. It may be the troubled house in your neighborhood that we will be working on soon.