It Pays to Be Single Program

WORC has designed the following grant to address neighborhood stability, housing density and neighborhood parking/traffic.

Preservation Restoration and/or Renovation

The intent of this award is to acknowledge and help the efforts of owners in Woodbury who make substantial improvements to their historic properties to either preserve, restore or renovate said property.

Downtown WORCS

The Downtown WORCs Project aims to assist the City of Woodbury’s downtown revitalization efforts by improving the aesthetic appeal of existing structures, by restoring their history and character.

HomeWORCS Program

WORC has joined with St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society and the City of Woodbury to address troubled houses throughout the city.

Pillar Shute House

The Pillar-Shute house, located at 46 E. Barber Ave, Woodbury, after having been a triplex for many years, is in a deteriorated state.  Our goal is to restore this multi-family gem back into a single-family home.  After the restoration is complete, it will be sold as an owner-occupied home at market cost.

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Preservation, Restoration and Renovation Award Past Recipients